Company Profile
How Cartesian Surveys Started

CSI opened its doors in 1999 with aspirations of providing a modest living for its owners while serving the community with reliable, honest, fast professional surveying services. After two years of business, it was clear, developers, contractors and engineers demanded more work than the once “mom and pop shop” could handle without employees.

Where we’ve been

Since making decision to hire employees in 2001, the company has grown into one of the largest locally owned surveying companies in the Albuquerque Metropolitan area currently employing 20 people with full time jobs.

In 2009, Cartesian Surveys Inc. was named “Business of the Year” by The Rotary Club of Rio Rancho for the medium sized business category. The award was for “Developing, practicing and maintaining high ethical standards and for service to this community”.

Where we are going

While the building boom of the century may have come and gone, CSI will always look toward new leading edge technology to develop more timely, cost efficient, more accurate/precise methods to insure the clients top quality products/services at a reasonable fee. 
Will Plotner Jr., NMRPS 14271
President of CSI, is licensed in New Mexico and Arizona and has over 21 years of surveying experience. Graduated from New Mexico State University with a Bachelor in Science of Surveying in 1996. His expertise is in providing control for aerial mapping projects, field to finish in boundary/ALTA, topographic/design data mapping and surveying.

Brian Martinez, NMRPS 18374
Vice President of CSI, is licensed in New Mexico and has over 10 years of surveying experience and has expertise in providing office support and quality assurance for construction staking, field to finish procedures in boundary/ALTA, topographic/design data mapping and surveying.

Adrian Martinez
Has over 4 years of surveying experience, and currently working towards completing his Bachelor's degree in surveying from NMSU. His expertise is in ILR's and boundary surveying.

Amber Palmer
Has over 10 years of surveying experience, and has a bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering from UNM, drone pilot and is registered as a surveyor in training, with ambitions of becoming a licensed surveyor. Her expertise is in subdivision plats, topography and ALTA/boundary surveying.

Party Chiefs
Phil Worthington
Patrick Jaime
Allen Rogers
Ignacio Large
Jonathon Worthington
Eanon Horton

Office Support for topographic mapping, boundary and ALTA surveying and construction staking
Amber Palmer*
Christy Lotz
Denise King*
Ryan Mulhall
Matthew Rayno
Brian Martinez*
Will Plotner Jr.*
* Indicates additional specialized training in construction staking support and topographic design data drafting ability.
All office support technicians have extensive training in boundary and ALTA work.