Types of Surveys
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Improvement Location Report

An Improvement Location Report (ILR), is solely for the use of title and mortgage companies in buy/sell transactions or refinances. An improvement Location Report can be used when there is already a filed plat of the property recorded in the courthouse. An ILR does not require the surveyor to perform a diligent search for monuments and should not be used if there may be a concern of any sort of dispute. The Board of Registration for Engineers and Surveyors require wording on the ILR that states "this ILR is NOT to be used by the owner for any purpose".

Boundary Survey - Example

A Boundary Survey requires field work such that the surveyor find and verify existing corner monuments and set missing monuments. This survey includes a drawing called a plat which is stamped and certified with specific surveyor language. If the field measurements differ significantly from record measurements shown on a filed plat, the surveyor is required to file a new plat at the county clerks office. If the subject property was not previously platted and recorded, the surveyor is required to file a plat.

ALTA Land Title Survey - Example

An ALTA survey can vary from the most basic, which shows all existing above ground improvements (Table A Items 1-4, 7a & 8, as shown on page 8 in the ALTA requirements) to a very complex survey which will include additional items from the Table A options. Price will vary as a reflection of this.

Topographic Map

This survey is normally requested by Architects and Engineers for use when preparing plan sets. A topographic map includes contours, spot elevations and shows improvements within the subject property as well as in the roadways, including inverts of manholes and drainage inlets.

Remonumentation Survey

This type of survey is usually requested if a person needs the property corners found and verified, or needs property corners set and a drawing is not required. It is important to note that it may be necessary to file a boundary survey in the County Clerk's Office, which may add an additional cost. There are situations in which filing a boundary survey is not necessary, and in those cases there are specific criteria which must be met, including:

  • At least two corners for the subject property must be located.
  • There cannot be a "significant difference" between field measurements, and measurements as shown on the plat of record.
  • The property must have been previously platted, and recorded in the County Clerk's Office.

Sometimes it is best to obtain a cost estimate for a plat up front, should the survey need to be recorded. Feel free to use the link below to request a quote for any type of survey.